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Getting In Shape
As an ACE CertifiedFitness Professional, I am dedicated to helping you reach your health and fitness goals through education and motivation. I can help you train effectively and safely. The goal of my personal training program is to turn you into your own personal trainer. Only you are guaranteed to be with you for the rest of your life. I don't teach you how to use a particular machine, I teach you how to        exercise properly to achieve goals.

Why Hire A Fitness Professional?
Fitness Professional are coaches dedicated to helping you realize your potential.
Great Fitness Professionals:
* Educate
* Motivate
* Inspire

And like great coaches, the best Fitness Professionals know that the study of movement and nutrition can convey useful lessons of life -- from increased confidence and self-esteem to improved discipline and focus.

Consider hiring a Fitness Professional for 8 to 16 weeks -- long enough to learn the nutritional strategies, various fitness principles, equipment technologies and exercise techniques required to become reasonably self-sufficient and to achieve noticeable results. Periodic sessions with a Fitness Professional will reinforce training habits and help you learn new techniques.
Show you friends and family members that you have made the choice to be different from the 50-60% of Americans that choose to live their lives overweight.

Nutrition is the basis
Learn how to eat properly based on your goals following two key principles: Eating strategies must be easy to follow (I don't believe in diets) and they must include foods you already like to eat.

Learn how to manage your fitness in a way that allows you to avoid all of the fad diet and exercise programs out there.

Learn about proper exercise and nutrition now and enjoy a lifetime of maintenance.

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