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I have worked out off and on all of my adult life.  Fortunately I was blessed with a great metabolism that got me through my lazy spells, until I hit the lovely 50ish years.  I have known Christi since our kids were in elementary school, but never had the pleasure of working out with her until last January.  She is an amazing motivator, very talented in tailoring your workout towards your goals, and also a wonderful friend.  I came to her last January with a weak knee, no sense of balance and not a lot of personal confidence.  Since then I have shed a few pounds, regained balance, strength, and best of all, I now fit back into my “skinny” jeans.  Thanks Christi!!!
Debbie Sims
London, OH

As someone who has worked out her whole life, mostly on my own; when I was given the opportunity to work out with Christi in her basement, I was not sure what to expect. Jumping right into Christi’s daily workouts was not easy. “Burpees” were new and yukky! I left feeling amazing, and often sore. My weight has not changed much but every muscle in my body is now toned.
Most trainers lead me down the road of bulking up my arms and legs since that is my genetic makeup. In our workouts we focus on burning calories (450-500) in a 60 to 90 minute workout doing interval training and cardio. Working out on your own you complete 20 sumo squats and quit because it burns, Christi pushes it to 30.
Just ask my husband, my rear end has never looked better!! I am 44 years old and possibly in the best shape I’ve been since high school. Thanks to Frea Fitness!!!

Lisa Funch Dugger
London, OH

I am not your typical work out type of person, however Christi said she would love to design a plan for me and as I was in the middle of continuing my weight loss goals I said sure! She gave me the ultimate convenience of coming to my home and utilizing the equipment that I already owned. She created plans for me that always were challenging and when I reached my goal or got bored I could simply call and she would design yet another challenging plan to follow. I saw results and she motivated me even when my body refused to cooperate! She even designed plans for my kids. She was always patient and encouraging and desiring for me to achieve health in whatever way that looked like for me! Christi and Frea Fitness is a true blessing!

Carlisa Thornberry-Parker
Springfield, OH

Working out with Christi this summer was very beneficial to my health. I always played sports in high school, but now in college I felt as though I was out of shape. Christi helped me strengthen my body and take control of my health.  She pushed me to keep going even when I wanted to give up. She never let me quit and I always reached my goals.  Christi taught me the dos and don’t of working out and eating healthy that I now use in my daily life.  Christi puts together workouts that are good for your body and health. At the beginning of the summer I couldn’t do a push up whatsoever, now thanks to Frea Fitness I have the upper body strength to do many. 

Haley Phillippi
London, OH

"If I had to describe Christi in one word it would be "passionate"!  She loves her job and walks the talk.  Not only is she passionate about fitness, she promotes whole body fitness!  That means, in addition to giving you a personalized workout, she educates you on nutrition as well.  The workouts that she sends you home with are easy to do at home; no gym required!  My first visit was crazy!  I remember being so excited about starting and after finishing my workout I was hoping I would be able to lift my leg to push the gas pedal!  My favorite part of working out with Christi is that she actually does the workout with you!  I have never met anyone that has such a passion for health and fitness.  I see Christi and think, "she believes in me!"  I would highly recommend her as a trainer!  Thanks Christi for inspiring me to love myself enough to get healthy!"

Char Combs
Springfield, OH

I have known Christi for about 11 years and have worked out with her for 6 years and she has always been passionate about fitness since I've known her!! She's done Triathalon's, been a gymnast, and ran races. Her fitness experience comes from the heart and she cares about others being healthy as well!! She is motivating and extremely helpful if you need to modify any move. Never ever doubt her capabilities even though she's small cause she will whip your booty!! :-0

Gaby Downing
London, OH

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