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5K run


You've all probably heard or read about the importance of setting goals. How do you get somewhere if you don't have a goal in mind. Whether it's running a 5k, 1/2 marathon or doing 10 pushups or 1 pull up, getting down on the floor to play with your grandkids (& getting back up) you need a plan to achieve that goal.

UsingSMARTgoals can help you reach that end goal.

Goals should be:
Specific- Clear & unambiguous, stating specifically what should be accomplished.
Measurable- Examples of measurable goals include performing a given stregnth-training workout 2x a week or losing 5 lbs.

In Case You Run Out of Motivation.... Print & Save This One!

There's no reason why I can't strive to be healthy!

It's a great day to be outside!

I will surprise myself!

I can control today, and today I will get moving!

I'm so proud of myself!

I can do this!!!

It's up to me!

I have the power within myself to feel fabulous!

I am so happy!

I'm doing this for myself!

I will play with my children relentlessly!

I'm going to the gym!

I'm motivated!!!

This is a goal I'm setting and I'll reach it!!!

I inspire myself!

I believe in myself!

I lost the excuses!

Run for Shoes 5K walk/run & 1 mile walk

If you're looking for a fall 5K event,
I've got a GREAT one for you!
RUN FOR SHOES is a 5K run & 1 mile walk event being held on Sunday October 7th, at 9am at the Scioto Audobon Metro Park. Many great sponsors, likethe Assistance League Metro Columbus,Chiller, Sutphen Fire Trucks, Crown -Eurocars, Creative Child Care, Boehm Printing, & Columbus Running Company, are working together to make this event fun and exciting.
Proceeds will benefit 4 inner city Columbus schools where vouchers will be given to students to purchase shoes.
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